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How Much Money Can You Make Doing Acrylic Nails in the UK?

Acrylic nails have become increasingly popular in the UK, and if you’re interested in becoming a nail technician, you may be wondering how much money you can make doing acrylic nails. While the answer can vary based on a number of factors, such as location and experience, let’s take a closer look at the potential income you can earn in the UK.

Average Earnings

According to data from the National Careers Service, nail technicians in the UK can earn an average annual salary of £16,000 to £20,000. However, this figure can vary widely depending on factors such as the location of the job and the experience of the technician.

In general, nail technicians who work in busy cities or high-end salons may earn more than those who work in smaller towns or less prestigious establishments. Additionally, technicians with several years of experience and a loyal client base can often command higher rates than those just starting out.

Hourly Rates

While salaries can vary based on a number of factors, nail technicians in the UK typically earn an hourly rate that is based on their experience and skill level. According to data from Payscale, the average hourly rate for a nail technician in the UK is around £7-£9 per hour.

However, this figure can vary widely based on location, with technicians in larger cities and more affluent areas often earning higher rates. Additionally, those with specialized skills such as acrylic nails may be able to charge more than those who only offer basic manicure and pedicure services.

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Increasing Your Income

If you’re looking to increase your income as a nail technician in the UK, there are several strategies you can use. One of the most effective is to build a loyal client base by providing exceptional service and building a strong rapport with your clients.

Additionally, you may want to consider expanding your services to include other types of nail treatments such as gel nails or nail art. By offering a wider range of services, you can attract more clients and increase your earning potential.

Finally, you may want to consider starting your own nail salon or mobile nail business. By becoming a business owner, you can set your own rates and have greater control over your income.


The income potential for nail technicians who specialize in acrylic nails can vary widely in the UK depending on a number of factors. However, with the right combination of skills, experience, and business acumen, it’s possible to earn a comfortable living in this field. If you’re interested in learning more about nail technician courses that cover acrylic nails, you may want to visit the homepage of the UK-based nail courses provider Nail Online Courses, which offers online courses on nail care and business management. You can also check out Scratch Magazine for more insights into the nail care industry and earning potential.